Super Series : Advanced technical fitness for muscle gains

What super series ?

You 've probably seen someone make great series, but you do you are not realized . Super series ( or super sets in English ) are to perform two exercises in a row without pausing to rest between each . The exercises can be agonists ( two exercises for the same muscle group) or antagonists ( two exercises for different muscle groups).

For example, if you perform a bench press followed by a rowing you will be carrying out a great series antagonist (in this case , chest and back). If you top the developed combination followed by lying side elevations, you will make a great series agonist (shoulders) .

Benefits super series

Super series are an excellent technique bodybuilding because they allow you to increase the intensity of training. Imagine now you have a job the smaller mas time you do not want to lose your training chest and back. Normally , you would need 60 minutes to complete . Super series, it would be possible for you to complete your workout in 30 minutes, barely .

Super series are excellent for building muscle mass , however, are not the best option for earning power. This is explained by the reduction of the load during the second year. Despite this, the super series is a stimulating challenge for training and eliminate the natural tendency of prolonged rest between sets , which severely reduce the intensity of the workout .

Precautions when using super series

Super series require a lot of us and therefore are not recommended for beginners in bodybuilding . It is recommended to use this technique for , minimum, two to three weeks and then stop to make . See the super series as a method of shock to your muscles.

For example, if your arms are your weak point and you want to better develop , you can use the super series for two to three weeks for training biceps and triceps, while other muscle groups maintain their usual training.

Scientific studies on the super series

A scientific study published in 2010 showed that the use of super sets it possible to increase the energy consumption after a workout , or in other words , the energy expenditure in the body 24 hours after physical exercise [ * 1] . Super series are a good way to burn more calories even when one is in a resting phase .

Super series allow as much as a traditional workout, but in less time

Some studies have shown that the super- series allowed to work at the same intensity that a long drive , but less time. This was the case of a study published in 2010 in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research , who submitted 16 athletes well prepared to drive two kinds : traditional sets and super- sets .

The training was to make the most possible repetitions in 3 sets of pushups followed by 3 sets of bench press ( in the case of super series, performed alternately a series of bench pull , a series of bench press, and so subsequently, without rest between each set ) . While the weight of the load ( repetitions x load) decreased significantly in each series , this decrease was lower for the group of super- series [ * 2] .

Conclusion : This study showed that it was more efficient to use the protocol super series instead of the traditional method, since it is possible to do more in less time .

These results were confirmed in the same edition of the scientific journal , through a review of studies using super- series [* 3] .

Examples of super series
Antagonistic Super Series for chest and back

- Elevations and bench press bar
- Rowing bar and developed inclined

Super conflicting sets for biceps and triceps

- Curl Bar and Bar forehead
- French Press sitting with dumbbells and curl inclined

Agonists Super Series for the back

- Traction and T bar rowing

Agonists Super Series on shoulder

- Incline and decline press
- Bench and dismissed lying

Super series agonists para ombro

- Developed sitting bar and side elevations
- Developed dumbbells and front elevations

Agonists Super Series for biceps

- Curl bar and alternate curl with dumbbells
- Inclined Curl curl and concentration

Agonists Super Series for triceps

- Developed sitting military and triceps extension to the high pulley
- French Press inclined and high pulley

Agonists Super Series for the quadriceps

- Squat and Leg Extension
- Press and hack squat thighs

Agonists Super Series for twins

- Calf standing and seated calf
- Donkey Calf and calves standing

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