Super Series : Advanced technical fitness for muscle gains

What super series ?

You 've probably seen someone make great series, but you do you are not realized . Super series ( or super sets in English ) are to perform two exercises in a row without pausing to rest between each . The exercises can be agonists ( two exercises for the same muscle group) or antagonists ( two exercises for different muscle groups).

For example, if you perform a bench press followed by a rowing you will be carrying out a great series antagonist (in this case , chest and back). If you top the developed combination followed by lying side elevations, you will make a great series agonist (shoulders) .

Benefits super series

Super series are an excellent technique bodybuilding because they allow you to increase the intensity of training. Imagine now you have a job the smaller mas time you do not want to lose your training chest and back. Normally , you would need 60 minutes to complete . Super series, it would be possible for you to complete your workout in 30 minutes, barely .

Super series are excellent for building muscle mass , however, are not the best option for earning power. This is explained by the reduction of the load during the second year. Despite this, the super series is a stimulating challenge for training and eliminate the natural tendency of prolonged rest between sets , which severely reduce the intensity of the workout .

Precautions when using super series

Super series require a lot of us and therefore are not recommended for beginners in bodybuilding . It is recommended to use this technique for , minimum, two to three weeks and then stop to make . See the super series as a method of shock to your muscles.

For example, if your arms are your weak point and you want to better develop , you can use the super series for two to three weeks for training biceps and triceps, while other muscle groups maintain their usual training.

Scientific studies on the super series

A scientific study published in 2010 showed that the use of super sets it possible to increase the energy consumption after a workout , or in other words , the energy expenditure in the body 24 hours after physical exercise [ * 1] . Super series are a good way to burn more calories even when one is in a resting phase .

Super series allow as much as a traditional workout, but in less time

Some studies have shown that the super- series allowed to work at the same intensity that a long drive , but less time. This was the case of a study published in 2010 in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research , who submitted 16 athletes well prepared to drive two kinds : traditional sets and super- sets .

The training was to make the most possible repetitions in 3 sets of pushups followed by 3 sets of bench press ( in the case of super series, performed alternately a series of bench pull , a series of bench press, and so subsequently, without rest between each set ) . While the weight of the load ( repetitions x load) decreased significantly in each series , this decrease was lower for the group of super- series [ * 2] .

Conclusion : This study showed that it was more efficient to use the protocol super series instead of the traditional method, since it is possible to do more in less time .

These results were confirmed in the same edition of the scientific journal , through a review of studies using super- series [* 3] .

Examples of super series
Antagonistic Super Series for chest and back

- Elevations and bench press bar
- Rowing bar and developed inclined

Super conflicting sets for biceps and triceps

- Curl Bar and Bar forehead
- French Press sitting with dumbbells and curl inclined

Agonists Super Series for the back

- Traction and T bar rowing

Agonists Super Series on shoulder

- Incline and decline press
- Bench and dismissed lying

Super series agonists para ombro

- Developed sitting bar and side elevations
- Developed dumbbells and front elevations

Agonists Super Series for biceps

- Curl bar and alternate curl with dumbbells
- Inclined Curl curl and concentration

Agonists Super Series for triceps

- Developed sitting military and triceps extension to the high pulley
- French Press inclined and high pulley

Agonists Super Series for the quadriceps

- Squat and Leg Extension
- Press and hack squat thighs

Agonists Super Series for twins

- Calf standing and seated calf
- Donkey Calf and calves standing

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Technical intensification : The supersets

Supersets in bodybuilding , the 3 major types .

Superset antagonist

This superset is to chain exercises for antagonistic muscles
- Biceps / Triceps
- Chest / Lat
- Quadriceps / rear thighs
- Abdominal / Back
- Shoulders front / rear shoulder

The true value of the concatenation is the time savings it provides .
Muscles rest while you work antagonists .

Example of antagonistic superset

Make a series of biceps at the bar and chain restless with a series of " bar at the front" for your triceps. This will be based during your biceps triceps work ... and vice versa.
In addition to saving time, it will focus on endurance.

Classic Superset

This concatenation is , unlike the previous , to chain two basic exercises BUT for the same muscle or muscle group .
When you get a failure to exercise , in general you stop series , yet you still have some potential strength.
The Importance of classic superset and encroach on this remaining strength.

Example of classic superset

At a meeting for the chest , you start with the bench press, you made ​​your series and reached 12 repetitions , it is impossible for you to make a 13th .
Instead of stopping , follow up with a series of pumps on the ground, or a series of dips .
The goal is to get a few more repetitions and thus go beyond muscular failure ,

Superset pre -fatigue / post -fatigue

These combos consist enchainer has an isolation exercise with a basic exercise in the case of a pre- fatigue.
And a base followed by performing an insulation performance in the case of a post- fatigue.

Why superset ?

Consider once again the example bench .
When you run the movement several muscle groups comes in.
Pectorals , shoulders , triceps ...
The work of the pectoral is supported by other muscles.
When you can no longer repeat , because all muscle groups rely in the game have more strength, you still have enough strength to carry on an isolation exercise that therefore only allowed to work these muscles.
This is the post -fatigue superset

Example of post tiredness superset

Make your set of bench press, once a failure , chain without rest apart with lying to finish burning your chest .

If you want to focus on triceps after your series of bench chaining with isolation exercises triceps .

For pre exhaustion superset is the reverse reasoning.
Start with an isolation exercise and then follow up with a basic exercise ...

Example of pre -fatigue superset

For chest , start with a series of spaced lying , then continue without rest with a series of bench press.
Your chest will be tired by the spread , yet you can still do some rehearsals developed because your chest will be supported by the work of your shoulders and your triceps.

These supersets are excellent techniques of intensification , very useful when hardly have felt some muscle exercises bases.
Some people feel more work triceps bench press at the expense of pectorals.
In this case, pre or post -fatigue supersets allow 'm tired .... before the desired muscle am to burn up after , and thus promote the targeting of a muscle.